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Classical Icons

The Classical Music Icon Community
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All Members , Moderated
Hello, and welcome toclassical_icons, a community for posting icons relating to the world of classical music.

There are a lot of icon communities out there, but nothing really for classical music...so here we are, a community dedicated solely to classical icons!

Here are a few general rules:
~Try to keep the posts limited to introductions, icons, or questions/discussions about icons, just to keep it rather simple. If you're looking for a place to discuss classical music, check out this list of communities.
~It would be great if people posted only icons related to classical music; however, if you have other music icons you'd like to share (for example, of rock bands or pop singers), you may post them here, if you include some classical icons in your post.
~If you'd like to take an icon posted here, please comment on the entry it is posted in, and credit the artist in your icon keywords, even if the artist doesn't ask you to in that specific post. This is just out of respect for the artist and his or her work.

Thanks so much, and have fun!